Our eldest daughter has been attending ballet lessons at the LA School of Dance for the last three years and our youngest has just started, at age 2. They both love their lessons there and we are thrilled with the progress they are making with their dancing. The Principal, Miss Laura, is very well respected and adored by her pupils. As parents, we have been particularly impressed with the fun, family-friendly atmosphere that Miss Laura fosters at the school. The LA School of Dance puts on a bi-annual dance show which our daughter was involved in last year. It was a truly professional performance by all and a credit to Miss Laura, her team of helpers and the children. We can’t wait for the next one...
Susie and Stuart Hornby

The LA School of Dance has been a big part of my daughter's life to date. She started at the age of 6 and is now 11. Miss Laura is a very caring, kind and considerate teacher, yet professional, well organised and very driven. She has high standards and teaches the students to respect and value each other's contributions. My daughter has benefitted immensely by attending Ballet, Tap and Modern classes where she has grown in confidence, both physically and socially. She looks forward to the amazing shows that the LA School of Dance perform at a local theatre and feels a real sense of belonging to the School. I would recommend it to an one with an interest in letting their children have fun with a purpose.
My daughter has been attending the LA school of dance for a number of years, Miss Laura is dedicated & passionate & the children really look up to her. It is a fantastic dance school with a friendly atmosphere & I would recommend it to anyone.
I think Miss Laura is the best teacher ever, she is funny & the lessons are enjoyable. I love going each week. The shows are great & it is fun learning the dances for it & wearing nice costumes. During the time I have been dancing with Miss Laura there has not been one day where I would not look forward to a dance lesson. Miss Laura works us hard but makes it fun and not only this but she works hard to get to know the students. .
Toni Aged 13
My daughter has been at the dance school since her primary years and is now in a senior class. The school offers a structured , supportive and professional environment with Miss Laura taking great care to know her students and parents, and then encourages each child to reach their potential in a fun and committed way. I continue to be delighted with the school and can't speak highly enough of it. 
I enrolled Eloise 2yrs ago to help improve her concentration, coordination and self confidence all of which have come on leaps and bounds especially her confidence. She has had lots of fun and made new friends along the way.
Thank you Miss Laura!!
Zoe has been coming to LASoD for 5 years, and it’s the one activity she never says she wants to give up! There’s a fantastic balance between learning a whole range of dance and having fun. The biannual show is an amazing highlight for the pupils to enjoy the excitement of performing on stage with make up and costumes – I would never have believed she could have so much confidence
When my daughter showed an interest in learning to dance I asked around a few Mums with older children about the local ballet schools. My daughter was only 3 and was quite a Mummy’s Girl so needed somewhere that would allow Mums to sit in on the class, my friend’s daughter already attended classes with Miss Laura and told me how warm and welcoming she was. I only needed to sit in for a few classes to see how the children loved Miss Laura and also respected her. I also only had to sit in a on a few classes because my daughter quickly felt confident enough to go in on her own. Miss Laura is the ultimate professional, she’s organized, an excellent teacher, gets wonderful results from the children AND manages to get them all to work extremely hard without bullying or shouting. She seems to have endless energy and the success of the school is entirely down to her.”
It is a delight to see Ellen, at barely three years of age, running down the stairs from your dance studio each week, a beaming smile on her face with her eyes gleaming, greeting me with 'I REALLY enjoyed myself, mummy!'. Of course, before starting at the LA School of Dance, we'd heard all about Miss Laura's dance lessons at Oakfield Nursery from Ellen, who can't wait for her weekly nursery dance class. Dancing has been one of the greatest passions of my life and has given me so much joy, so to see my wee daughter lit with such enthusiasm for dance and the same happiness that dance has instilled in me is a wonderful thing. Thanks!
Olivia has been coming to your dance classes since the age of two or three. Now age ten, she not only enjoys the dancing but the sense of achievement from passing the exams, the last one especially as she achieved a "distinction", the look on her face when she found out was priceless. Apart from the exercise, she has made lots of new friends, learnt how to take instruction and discipline, she actually looks forward to practising for the shows.PS The shows are fantastic.
Thanks, The Carnes

Both my daughters attend the LA school of dance and they enjoy and look forward to dance class ever week. My eldest daughter has attended since she was 5 and is now 14 years old. Miss Laura has not only taught April to dance but has given her confidence to believe in herself and to Shine! My youngest daughter Lucia started dance when she was 2 and a half years old and was very shy and didn't really want to be there clinging onto my leg crying , but within a couple of weeks she had total changed and was pushing to be at the front of the line to get started with gusto.
Sally-Ann Giovanni


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